Why You Should Choose A Pest Control Company Versus DIY When It Comes To Pest Control

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If you want to take a hands-on approach to controlling pests and wildlife in or around your home when it is within your capacity that is OK. However, you should be aware that if you decide to do so you could be opening yourself up to some risks that you would not have if you would have hired a professional pest control company like Budget Pest Control. These are some of the risks that you could run into by doing it yourself.

Risk to Yourself

Especially if you are attempting to rid your property of wasps and hornets, you run the risk of personal injury if you are not careful. These pests will likely try to attack you when you are attempting to remove their nest, which can lead to painful stings. Many wasp and hornet nests require a ladder to reach, so you also risk falling off the ladder if the swarm of stinging insects starts attacking. Also, setting traps for rodents can be dangerous because if you are trying to remove an injured rodent from the trap, it could easily bite you and infect you with a disease, like rabies.

Risk to Your Family

Sometimes, wasp nests that have been built right into your home can extend into the attic. This gives the pests easy access to your home and family, which can be particularly dangerous if a family member is allergic to their sting. If you attempt to kill these wasps yourself, they could swarm into the house and attack any of your family members that are inside. Also, if you leave out poison for rodents or set traps for rodents, your young children could easily ingest the poison by accident or get their fingers caught in the trap.

Risk to Pets

Poisonous traps that are used to catch or kill pests are purposefully sweet-smelling or tasting to lure the pests to their death. Unfortunately, your own pet might also find that poison tempting. If your dog or cat ingests the poison that you have used as a DIY pest control method, they could become seriously ill or die if you do not rush them to the vet quickly. You would save money on pest control by setting out these traps yourself, but then end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars nursing your pet back to health. 

Risk to Property

Termites are one pest that is best left to the pest control professionals like Budget Pest Control. This is because if you attempt to get rid of the termites yourself, you could actually just end up pushing them into another area of the house, where they could cause even more structural damage to your home. Wasps and hornets that have built nests around your home will continue to re-use ones that have been abandoned, so even if you successfully kill all the wasps in a nest, it is likely that they will return and extend those nests into the attic or walls, which can lead to some costly repairs. A pest control professional like Budget Pest Control ensures that the entire nest is removed so the pests cannot use it again.

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