Why Stink Bugs Show Up In The Fall

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When the cooler weather of September and October draws near, there are some pests which become especially persistent. Stink bugs and boxelder bugs are a common, widespread insect and they seek shelter within homes and buildings when the season changes from summer to fall. While they’re not poisonous or dangerous, they can be a very annoying pest to deal with. Their invasion can be a nuisance for homeowners because of the abundant quantities in which they arrive. In some instances, they can cover the entire outside wall of a home as they are looking for a way inside! As the name implies, their defense mechanism against predators is to release a pungent smell through glands located on the sides and undersides of their bodies when they are disturbed, but the strongest odor is transmitted when they are crushed.

To help prevent stink bugs from entering your dwelling, seal potential entry points, like cracks and crevices in doors, windows and siding. If you do find them indoors, vacuum them up and discard the bag immediately. Avoid crushing them! Some infestations may require the help of your pest control professional like Budget Pest Control Services. What you really want to do is prevent stink bugs from coming into your home at all. Late summer to mid-fall is the best time to contact Budget Pest Control Services for stink bug prevention. We will come and treat the exterior of your home to keep stink bugs out before it gets cold enough for them to begin seeking warmer shelter. Our stink bug removal services will reduce the risk of stink bugs gathering outside your home, which then prevents them from coming around and even trying to get in. Additionally, we will work with you on exclusion techniques and point out areas where stink bugs could be gaining entry to your home. Don’t hesitate to call Budget Pest Control Services right now to keep your home stink bug free this fall and winter!

Call Budget Pest Control 24/7 at 412-318-4912. Our friendly informative office staff are here to answer all your questions regarding stink bug control, provide you with an estimate and if you wish to have one of certified experienced field technicians out to your home 7 days a week!


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