Why Pests Are Harmful To Your Health

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Why Pests Are Harmful To Your Health

The dangers that pests pose to one’s health can be as simple as having a small insect bite up to life-threatening contagious diseases. That is why it is important to make sure that our homes remain pest-free. This does not only guarantee the durability of the structure of our homes but it also helps the family stay healthy. Below is a list of common pests you should avoid and the dangers they could bring to your health:

    People hate cockroaches because of the foul odor they leave behind; plus, they are pretty ugly insects. Cockroaches are also well known carriers of various bacteria and viruses that children can pick up when they play in places where roaches may have been. Budget Pest Control employs safe and effective state of the art cockroach control treatments for these roaches with the use of non-invasive products. Our cockroach control products are effective at eliminating roaches in all stages of life; whereas most store bought “bombs” are only useful on adults.
    These two pests are among the most difficult pests to get rid of. They have developed survival instincts that allow them to avoid traps and poisons. Rat urine and dirt, as well as their bite, can pose serious threats to the homeowners. These can contain viruses and bacteria that can infect the human body; oftentimes, it can get fatal. Included on the list of the diseases from rats is Leptospirosis, a disease that attacks the immune system of the body. It can be picked up from floods or ingested, where the food preparation area has been contaminated. Mice are carriers of Salmonella in the household because they walk on uncovered food, exposed utensils, and unwashed dishes. Because average mouse colonies number in the dozens, contacting Budget Pest Control. regarding Mice Control & Rodent Control is a smart first step. Our fully trained, experienced technicians along with our state on the art trucks, equipment and materials will take care of these rodents once and for all. And better yet, our Mice Control & Rodent Control treatments are designed to take care of the entire nest so you can rest easy at bedtime.
    These are the silent killers when it comes to the category of pests inflicting pain on human beings. Unlike mosquitoes, rats, and mice, these pests flourish in particular areas. As for fleas, they live on animal hosts and jump from one animal to another, and sometimes, on humans too. Fleas can transmit a surprising number of diseases to animals and humans. Fleas can cause serious harm to you and your pet’s health through their bites and when they are ingested (such as when self-grooming) by the animals they target. Contact Budget Pest Control for advice on our flea control and what preparation is needed before flea service can be performed. 
    Flies are among the most infamous pests in the world because of the dangers it can bring to the human body. These insects like to walk on garbage, dirt, urine, decaying food, decaying plants, dead animals, and many more. That is why they are the number one carrier of the most deadly diseases worldwide. Before the problem gets out of hand call us here at Budget Pest Control to speak about our Fly Control.

Ticks are tiny parasitic insects that live in shady, moist areas of dense brush. They don’t jump, scurry or even fly to reach their hosts, but rather simply fall or hitchhike onto skin, fur and clothing. The main reason to be concerned with ticks is that they carry diseases. Diseases that may incubate for a LONG TIME before you have any symptoms. So if you’ve found a tick on either your skin or on your pet, either head to a doctor or find a local pharmacy with ways to deal with the tick IMMEDIATELY. (24 hours is the main timeframe of Lyme disease transfer) At Budget Pest Control our experienced technicians allow us to confidently find problem areas in your yard or household that these nasty little bloodsuckers hide.  Our tick service focuses on your problem zones along with low lying shaded areas, or bushes around the yard to not only to provide tick elimination but also tick control, which will help to prevent them from entering your yard, home or business. 

These are only a few of the most dangerous pests out there that may be in your home. If you want to have your place inspected for possible infestation, do not hesitate to call our experts at Budget Pest Control at 412-318-4912 and we would be more than glad to assist you. Keeping pests away will help secure and protect your family against contagious, viral, and bacterial diseases. A pest free home is a healthy home.









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