Why Do Pests Love The Holidays?

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Here are the things pests love most about this holiday season.

Christmas Trees: There are lots of pests that love Christmas trees. Spiders, in particular, love Christmas trees. These insects leave their eggs in trees. When these egg sacks get into your nice warm house, they hatch and lots of baby spiders will emerge. Make sure to shake your tree firmly before you bring it inside. This can remove egg sacks, and also loose needles, from those branches.

Insects and rodents love to be warm. Inspect the exterior of your home for holes or other openings and use a caulking gun to fill them in. Make sure all your weather stripping and door sweeps are working properly, and inspect your door and window screens for holes.

Holiday is a time for travel, but we’re not the only ones who love to travel during the holidays. This is a prime season for bed bugs to spread. If you plan to spend the night somewhere away from home, be sure to learn how to detect these pests and prevent them from laying their eggs in your clothing or luggage. Bed bug eggs do not need the mother to hatch. That means a single batch of eggs hidden in your belongings could emerge in a full-blown infestation in a few short months.

Pests love food. But not just any kind of food, they specifically enjoy rotting food. That is why it is important to make sure you throw away any pantry items that are past their due date, and consider keeping items that come in cardboard or paper packaging sealed inside hard plastic containers instead. This will help those items last longer and keep all forms of pests out.

Protect your family this holiday season by properly shaking your tree, sealing your walls, learning what signs bed bugs leave behind, and keeping food sources away from those pests. 

If you suspect you have an infestation, your first step should always be to call a qualified and licensed pest professional like Budget Pest Control.  They have the tools and know how to properly identify your pest problem and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. They can also recommend DIY steps to prevent future problems. Contact Budget Pest Control today for a free estimate or more details. 412-318-4912






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