Why Do I Have Ants In My Home?

carpenter ants

Have you seen ants around your home? At your picnic. In your home. Where there’s one, there are likely thousands just below the surface. The main reasons they’ll enter your home is in search of shelter, usually near sources of heat, food or moisture, which explains why you’re seeing them in your master bathroom, the kitchen windowsill or underneath (and sometimes, inside) your dishwasher. They’re very interested in things in your pantry as well, so don’t be surprised to find them in your sugar bowl or the other snacks you have stocked away! If you see more than just a few live ants, ant pathways or ant nests it might indicate an ant infestation is present in your home. 

Ants are tough insects that can easily make colonies in the ground and inside buildings. Not only can some species eat wood, but they can also cause painful bites.

While all ants can bite, not all species are likely to bite humans. Fire ants are the most aggressive species and are the most common biters. A blister with red spots forms soon after a fire ant bite. Carpenter, pavement, acrobat, field, and crazy ants can also bite humans when provoked repeatedly. It is usually easy to tell when you’ve been bitten by an ant because the area swells and has a stinging sensation.

Ant infestations can mean trouble for homeowners since they can spread diseases and bacteria like salmonella. Black carpenter ants can compromise your home’s structure by burrowing into wood and building nests. Knowing how to get rid of black ants can save you a lot of money in repair costs.

When you cannot find the nest’s location or continue to see ants in your home after doing everything to eliminate the problem, it is time to call an exterminator. Persistent ants often have multiple nests that are difficult to locate. A pro knows how to get rid of ants with specialized instruments and insecticides that are not available in many stores. Call Budget Pest Control 24/7 at 412-318-4912. Our friendly informative office staff are here to answer all your questions regarding ant control, provide you with an estimate and if you wish have one of certified experienced field technicians out to your home 7 days a week! 






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