What To Do If You Have a Fly Infestation


Flies love the seasonal change from fall to winter. You’ll see them everywhere unless you cut off their food supply. Get in the habit of sealing your garbage. That way, flies won’t find any sustenance near your home. There are simple daily practices that will help keep flies from taking over your house. Store food in sealed containers, wipe crumbs off the counters, and don’t leave food out. Grass clippings, garbage, and decaying matter will also attract flies, so get rid of these items immediately. Budget Pest Control Services has provided details on what to do if you have a fly infestation in your home.

There are all kinds of flies. An infestation of flies can come in many forms. Fruit flies can be introduced to a home from fruit bought at the grocery store. Fungus flies can be brought inside when plants are brought in for the winter. Cluster flies can invade in swarms through entry points in your roofline or soffits. House flies can zip in through an open window or door. And, the list goes on and on. There are a bunch of ways flies can get into your home this fall, and each of them has a different way of getting in, breeding, and feeding.

Is there any way to get rid of them? While the initial reaction may be to handle it on your own, think of it this way: if your fly problem has been around for 2 days, maggots will usually hatch in about 7 ½ hours after being laid. That means your problem is about to double in size. So before the problem gets out of hand call us here at Budget Pest Control, Inc to speak about our House Fly Control.

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