What To Do If You Have a Bee Problem?

vlcsnap 00005 stinging insects
Call us at Budget Pest Control, Inc. to handle those dangerous nests! Yellowjackets are far and away one of the most dangerous insects to try home remedies on, due to the depth and complexity of their structures and their incredibly aggressive nature. In fact, Professional Bee Suits are a must for all close contact Bee Control treatments. We employ a variety of products designed to rid those pesky nests. We have the protective equipment needed along with safe and effective methods of not only eliminating these dangerous insects, but rather the nest as whole, guaranteeing your family’s safety from a potential mishap. Our Wasp Control uses a combination of a residual treatments and a penetrating gas agent to expand deep into the nesting site.

Call Budget Pest Control at 412-318-4912 24/7 After a chat with one of our friendly, informative office personnel, you’ll get a bee control estimate and if you wish, we can have one of our experienced, certified technicians sent out 7 days a week


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