Termites in Spring


Warm weather signals pests that it is time to emerge from their overwintering spots. Termites are one of these emerging pests that can cause problems for homeowners everywhere. Spotting the signs of swarming termites in early spring can prevent an infestation, but homeowners should also get a home pest inspection to stay ahead of this pest. Contact Budget Pest Control today at 412-318-4912 to determine the extent of the problem and receive a recommendation of an appropriate course of treatment.

New treatments, new techniques and new tools are now available to ensure virtually 100% success on the elimination and protection of your property from these destructive pests.

Contact Budget Pest Control for information on scheduling FREE inspections, estimates and advice for Termite Control! In a hurry? Selling your home and you need quick Termite service?  Contact us by Phone, Text or Email and Answer a few quick questions and an estimate will be on its way in minutes. Budget Pest Control Inc. is fully licensed to perform both Pest Inspection and Treatments and our Warranties and Pricing are second to none. Our specially trained and certified Termite Control technicians are available 7 days a week…no extra charge!

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