Storm Damage Creates Easy Access Into Your Home For Pests and Wildlife

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Storms are more powerful and less forgiving these days. Storm damage creates easy access into your home for pests and nuisance wildlife. Downed trees and power lines litter our streets and neighborhoods. The storm damage to homes is not always visible although present. Take the time to look around your home for damage before the weather changes. See the list below from Budget Pest Control Services.

It is what you don’t see that hurts you.

It doesn’t take much to create an opening for pests and nuisance wildlife. Tree limbs are notorious for tearing roof shingles and breaking attic windows and screens as they fall from the tree to the ground. These tears, while often very small, create structural openings for pests and nuisance wildlife:

carpenter ants
cluster flies
squirrels & chipmunks

Most homeowners do not look at their home’s structure beyond what they can see from the ground. At first glance, after a storm, you may look at your windows from the inside, check for damage to property left outdoors, and perhaps inspect your garage doors to ensure no water has leaked inside. The real offender for pest and wildlife entry happens on and along the roof. Air vents and pipes can be torn away, leaving a gap for access. Roof tiles, especially near the pitch, can become lifted and damaged.

Now is the time to be persistent. Keep a watch for a draft from a loose screen or door. It is an excellent time to schedule an inspection by Budget Pest Control Services.

What is a pest control inspection?

Pest and nuisance wildlife inspections should always be done by a licensed professional like Budget Pest Control Services. The purpose of the inspection is to determine damage to the home or building from destructive pests and wildlife such as carpenter ants, termites, mice, or damages caused by hidden mold.

Professional pest control technicians are trained and equipped to perform comprehensive inspections from the basement to attic and crawlspace to roof. Inspections require more than what the eye can see.Our team will evaluate your home’s structure and locate areas where pests and nuisance wildlife have gained entry. A complete evaluation is performed and reviewed with the homeowner, and a course of action is determined.

Contact Budget Pest Control Services today at 412-318-4912. Our pest control experts can take care of current infestations, or prevent future infestations from occurring.


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