Stink Bugs The Pest Of Fall

stink bugs fall

While the fall brings changing leaves, apple picking, and cooler weather, the changing season also brings out one major nuisance: stink bugs.

Stink Bugs are known by their distinctive “shield” shape that is shades of brown. Adult stink bugs can reach up to an inch in size. Stink Bugs are active in homes all year but most common in the late summer through the early winter when the adult bugs are drawn towards warm structures as overwintering sites.

Problems associated with stink bugs: 

Stink bugs are not physically dangerous to people but they can be a pest like no other. Crawling around your home, flying into your windows and lights are constant reminders you are not alone in your own home. Another unique problem: the terrible “stink” they emit from their bodies when threatened or when squashed. 

How do we get rid of these pests? 

The most effective way to get rid of stink bugs in your home is to employ pest control professionals to take care of Stink bugs Control preventative services and the stowaways already in your home. At Budget Pest Control Inc., we use our experience to track down and preventatively treat any areas that stink bugs can creep into. If the bugs are already inside the structure, we focus additional efforts in the attic and any cracks and crevices in the interior of the structure. This provides an extra layer of protection against new stink bugs as well as helps kill the ones that are already there.

Give Budget Pest Control a call 24/7 and after a chat with one of our friendly, informative office personnel regarding our Stink Bugs Control treatments, we can provide you with a plan of action and an estimate along with service available 7 days a week!







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