Spring Rains Bring Pests Indoors

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April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring… pests. Rain can bring in a bunch of unwanted pests to your home. The combination of warmer weather and rainier days could be why you have been seeing more pests in and around your home. Some of the most common rainy day pests include ants, roaches, centipedes, ticks and fleas. Heavy rains will often destroy the homes of these pests, bringing them indoors in search of a replacement shelter and nearby food source. Below are some of the most common pests that show up after heavy rains and some ways to prevent them.


Ants build their tunnel homes underground, and during a heavy rain, they get flooded out of their nests. That means as they’re trying to find higher ground and new shelter, you’ll end up seeing a lot more of them. They will use your warm, dry home as a source of food and shelter until outside dries up and they can rebuild. Make sure to keep your floors and counters clear of crumbs to eliminate this.


Roaches usually live in dark places like drains, pipes and sewers. These also happen to be places that flood with a day or two of heavy rain. While they’ll scurry out of their hiding places, the tricky thing about roaches is that they actually love the moisture from rain. As long as they can avoid drowning, they’ll tend to stick around your home, never too far from their food source. Think you’ve got an infestation? Before the rainy season, seek treatment from Budget Pest Control Services and do some spring cleaning to clear out potential nests and eliminate food sources.


House centipedes love humid environments, and spring’s warmer, rainy weather makes them feel right at home. These creepy crawlers also love to eat other bugs, so when the rain brings other insects out of hiding, centipedes are likely to follow. Look for centipedes in bathrooms, basements, and garages and remember, if you cut off their food source, which are other rainy day bugs, you will have a greater chance of getting rid of them, too.

Ticks and Fleas

If you go on a nature walk after it has just rained, there’s a chance that there will be fleas and ticks. They thrive in warm, humid weather. Make sure your clothes cover exposed areas and check yourself and your pet when you come inside, as you won’t usually find these pests indoors unless they hitch a ride on you or your pet. Have these rainy days pests already made themselves comfortable in your yard or home? Contact Budget Pest Control Services today at 412-318-4912. Our pest control experts can take care of current infestations, or prevent future infestations from occurring.


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