Spring Pests To Watch Out For

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Spring is almost here and we are all anxious to be able to open the windows and put away all the winter clothing for good. We aren’t the only ones excited for spring, so are spring pests! When the sun comes up the insects will crawl out of their winter hiding places. Some can even get too close for comfort, like ants, termites, bed bugs, stink bugs. Budget Pest Control Services is prepared to treat and protect your home from spring pests. Here are a few pest control tips for each room in your house.


We all love food, and that doesn’t change for insects. That makes kitchens one of their favorite places to go. Following these simple tips can help prevent spring pests from building a home in your kitchen. Throw away food scraps or anything left on the counter or sink. Don’t leave the pet food out during warmer months and be sure to empty garbage cans when they are full.


There are more spring pests to worry about inside the bedroom like mosquitoes and spiders, not just bed bugs. Vacuuming regularly and keeping windows and doors shut are the best way to limit insects from coming in. Keeping furniture away from the walls is an easy tip, as well as reducing the amount of wooden furniture.

Air Vents

Air vents are often forgotten because they blend into the walls of the house. Air vents can serve as access for unwanted pests. An easy way to keep spring pests outside is by installing mesh air brick ventilation covers.


The roof is one of the most important components of the house. Termites, wasps and bees can all make their way through a damaged roof. If you notice any damage that could be caused by pests, it’s important to repair it right away. Fill any cracks with roofing cement and check the overhang of the roof and in between roof tiles for nests.


Attics are often overlooked because we do not use them for more than storage typically. If your attic has unprotected wood or cardboard boxes this can attract termites and wasps. To help avoid these unwanted pests it is best to store stuff in plastic pins making it less appealing to your insects. Try to keep these areas as moisture free as possible as well as repairing damage as soon as possible.


Insects like ants, spiders and rodents can be found in your garage. If you discover these unwanted insects be sure to call Budget Pest Control before they enter into your home. It is also recommended to keep your garage moisture free, repair damages right away, and store items in a sealed plastic bin.


It may seem self-explanatory, but having open windows allows flies, mosquitoes, and many more spring insects to enter your home. The simplest way to help this, is to either shut the window completely, or to install screens.

We admit that this can be overwhelming and possibly too much to handle on your own. Contact Budget Pest Control at 412-318-4912 to schedule a time for one of our trained technicians to learn more about your spring pest control needs.






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