Spring Pest Control

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Spring is in the air, and so are the spring bugs! I’m sure that you’ve seen more flies, gnats, ants, wasps and bees outside. If they’re more abundant, they are looking for food and safety in your home. Now is a great time to contact Budget Pest Control Services before they get out of hand. We have a variety of affordable options for spring pest control.

Before you can take any spring bug control measures, you need to know what to look for. Here are some of the most common spring bugs:

Termites swarm in the spring, looking to start new colonies, and they’d love to do it in the walls of your home. Contact our team at Budget Pest Control Services to see how we can keep you termite-free all year long. Stink bugs produce an awful odor and if they get inside, they’ll produce that odor in your home. Ants are pests inside and out. They can get in through the tiniest spaces and will seek out small crumbs of food.

Many spiders are harmless to people, but some can be deadly. Nevertheless, you don’t want them inside!

Preventing Spring Pest Infestations
The biggest thing any homeowner can do for pest control is to clean both inside and out. Clean your yard and remove piles of leaves, stacks of wood and other such insect hangouts from near your exterior walls. Make sure there is no standing water outside. While you are outside, closely inspect your exterior walls, especially around doors and windows. Find and seal any cracks that insects can use to get inside.

Keeping the inside of your home clean goes a long way when it comes to spring pest control. Never leave food out on a countertop, and always wipe down counters and tables after meals and sweep in the kitchen. If you have carpet, vacuum often. Also, be sure to take out the trash often.

Possibly the most important step you can take in fighting spring bugs is to simply contact Budget Pest Control Services. From ants, termites and spiders to squirrels, raccoons and mice, we know pests and are here to help.

So give us a call for your free estimate 412-318-4912 https://budgetpestcontrolpgh.com

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