Spooky Pests: Rats, Bats, Spiders and Bed Bugs


As we approach Halloween, there are a few pests Budget Pest Control Services get routine calls for.

These are the same pests that plague homeowners all Fall: spiders, rodents, and bats.

These pests are famously associated with the season not just because of the holiday season but because this is when they are the most active.

Colder weather means pests need a warm, dry place to survive the winter.

Pests like bats and rodents spend a majority of the year outdoors but can’t handle the temperature drop.

Spiders are likely to be in your home all year long but are more noticeable in cooler weather as they hunt.

Rats: Rats are primarily nocturnal and can be found nesting in a variety of places – from inside piles of garbage to undisturbed areas of basements.

Bats: Bats are nocturnal mammals that perch in dark areas of buildings, such as attics under fascia boards, and in other sheltered areas like caves.

Spiders: The sight of a spider crawling on the wall can frighten just about anyone, especially around Halloween.

Bed bugs: Although bed bugs are often found in beds, they can also conceal themselves behind baseboards, underneath electrical switch plates and in furniture crevices.

Bed bugs will hide in luggage, purses, laptop cases and other personal belongings in an effort to find a human food supply.

If you find any of these pests or any other real-life creepy crawlers hiding within the confines of your home, make sure to contact a licensed pest professional like Budget Pest Control Inc to inspect and treat the problem.

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