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Rodent Infestation Control In New Kensington

Sometimes pests are just a nuisance. They are ugly to see, can smell badly, and in general are bothersome. On occasions, however, they can prove to be an obnoxious problem and turn into a public health issue. Recently, New Kensington residents complained rats are a growing problem especially in the Parnassus neighborhood. They blame deficient trash collection and abandoned structures in the city for the situation. At Budget Pest Control, we are experts trained in pest extermination and control, and we are your most useful resource to turn to in order to reduce rodent’s population when environmental conditions become favorable to pests.

No matter what pest your place in New Kensington has, we can control it. We reduce and exterminate:

  • Bed bugs
  • Termites
  • Crawling insects
  • Flying insects
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife trapping and exclusion
  • Insulation services
  • And much more….


If your property is infested with rodents turn to us for help soon               

It is essential not delaying to take steps to attack the problem as it is a proven fact that rats, mice, and other pests can affect people’s health in several different forms. One of the most serious ways these rodents can do so is when they transmit deadly diseases such as the Hantavirus. Another, less dangerous, way they make people sick is by triggering allergic respiratory and skin reactions.

Health authorities, national and international, as well as different university research units agree that, for proper and integrated pest management, identification should be the first step. Proper identification can lead to suitable solutions to pest problems. Once the pests have been identified, it is easier to assess the best way to control or eliminate it.  We aim at handling infestation situations in a safe, economical, and scientific way to prevent unnecessary complications.

Many experts recommend using a combination of management tactics that include understanding pest life cycles and biology so you can take timely remediation steps that are more likely to be safe and effective. In Pennsylvania, we can commonly encounter pests everywhere in buildings, private dwellings, and in public places like schools. From ants to cockroaches, flies, fleas, silverfish, termites, yellow jackets, bed bugs, rats, and other rodents, the list is long and requires the help of experts like us to establish an adequate control program.          

Different types of rats behave differently and have dissimilar living patterns. Nonetheless, destruction of property is a common problem regarding rats and mice. They can produce a lot of damage, and some experts affirm rats are to be blamed for some twenty billion dollars a year losses in homes, businesses, and in the agricultural sector.

As usual, when it comes to rodent infestations, solutions applied timely are of utmost importance given the fast pace at which they breed. Implementing a control program can’t be postponed as rats behavior becomes all the more destructive as they multiply. In buildings and homes, these animals are responsible for damages to installations that result in high electrical danger as they chew the wiring. Remember rats have front teeth that never cease growing, so they have to keep chewing everything to file their teeth down.

Avoid irreparable rodent damages by contacting our New Kensington Budget Pest Control agents

If cables lose their protective covering, short circuits can occur and fires can start. There are studies that mention rodent damage as the culprit for as much as twenty percent of all undetermined fires around the country. A common sense safety measure is to check your home’s electrical wiring every year to make sure it hasn’t been damaged by rodents. It is also a good idea to look any potential structural damage if you have problems with rats in your place.

Additionally, the loss or damage to valuable property such as works of art can be another costly consequence of having rats at home. In this case, it is recommended to safeguard such valuables in strong, resistant containers.

In summary, although rats and mice are a dangerous, destructive, and persistent pest they can be effectively controlled by our expert Budget Pest Control exterminators.

Some people can carry out actions to try to manage these plagues for a limited time. However, rats are smart animals. Once a friend who works at rodent control for a local brewery told me they had to use gloves to handle the traps and baits. If the rodents perceived human smell in them wouldn’t eat the baits nor fall in the traps.

In consequence, an integrated pest management system should be implemented to avoid the dangers posed by these rodents, reduce costs, and safeguard health. The systems mentioned above can be consulted with our Budget Pest Control specialists in New Kensington as they have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to produce long-term results.