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When you just want them to go away! These animal repellent services can be provided for those customers who wish no harm. Are chipmunks digging holes in your mulch beds? Are raccoons knocking over your trash cans and making a mess? Or are you just sick of that squirrel scampering through the yard on its way to raiding your birdfeeder. We can apply repellent to keep away such nuisances as squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, groundhogs, possums and snakes!

How does the animal repellent service work? All of our 100% all natural repellents have a scent that is pleasant to humans but will deter these pests, who can smell it from a far distance and instinctively know to stay away! Containing no chemicals or poison, not only is this treatment safe for humans and pets, it also doesn’t harm the pests in any way. Treatment can be applied indoors, outdoors, on flowerbeds and even vegetable gardens! This may be the best method of treatment for customers looking for an effective solution to keeping pests away.

Call us 24/7 to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable office staff that will discuss all treatment options available to you based on your particular needs and situations as well as provide you with a quote in a jiffy and offer speedy service to your property seven days a week!

Mammal Repellent

Our all natural exterior repellent is an excellent alternative to expensive gadgets designed to rid your yard or garden of unwanted pests. Through the mixture of different herbs, spices and oils; our repellent overloads the senses of common mammalian pests such as groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels, deer, rats, mice, rabbits, raccoons and possums. As many of these pests tend to be a gardener’s worst nightmare, we take into consideration your tomato plant’s health and apply the repellent around your perimeter and any other areas you’re having trouble with, keeping your family and their food safe.

Snake Issues?

Whether you’ve got garter snakes or copperheads, we have the answer for you if your yard has suddenly become plagued by snakes. Our technicians can apply a snake repellent that is incredibly effective for yards and structures. Contact us today to discuss the issue with our friendly and knowledgeable office staff.

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