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Thermal Acoustical Pest Control Insulation

Did you know that worn-out insulation isn’t just a problem for your heating and cooling bills? It also poses a threat to your home and family’s safety. Small rodents, insects, and even some tiny animals can squeeze their way through tiny compromised areas in your insulation and quickly make a home for their families in your home.

It’s time to keep those pesky critters out by sealing up your home! Whether you have an older home that needs an insulation makeover or new construction on which you want the job done right from the start, we’re available at Budget Pest Control to serve your insulation needs in and around the Pittsburgh, PA area.

What is Insulation and Why is it Important?

Many people think of insulation as the avenue for keeping air from moving in and out of the home to save on heating and cooling costs. That’s definitely one of its most important jobs, but it’s not the only one.

Insulation also plays a key role in keeping pests out of homes and businesses. When done correctly, insulation acts as a seal in the walls of your home. That seal not only keeps indoor air from escaping and outdoor air from coming in, but it also prevents insects from claiming your home as their own. If air can’t pass through, bugs certainly can’t either!

Ensuring that your home or business has the right insulation appropriately installed in every room can prevent bugs from taking over while also keeping it toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.

You can’t work with T.A.P. insulation yourself; only trained professional pest control experts, like Budget Pest Control, can. You can get this material installed over your current insulation, use it to replace worn-down insulation, or use it as the sole insulation for new builds.

The Benefits of Getting New T.A.P. Insulation

Why should you consider having Budget Pest Control install T.A.P insulation in your home? Here are just a few reasons why T.A.P is the way to go:

  • It stops bug infestations before they start: Perhaps the most important benefit of T.A.P. over other insulations is its bug-killing properties. T.A.P. can kill bugs on the spot before they have a chance to call their friends and family over.
  • It’s efficient: T.A.P. is much more efficient than fiberglass insulation, allowing you to keep your home comfortable throughout the seasons for less money.
  • It’s green: T.A.P. insulation is made mostly from recycled paper, so it’s even environmentally-friendly.
  • It reduces noise: T.A.P. insulation can provide an extra layer of sound protection to keep noise from traveling through the walls of your home.
  • It’s fire-repellant: T.A.P. can limit the spread of fire with its flame-retardant properties.

At Budget Pest Control, we want to help you take control of your home or business by keeping unwanted pests and wildlife away from you and your family. By taking advantage of our comprehensive insulation services, you’ll have the benefit of having trusted experts on the job to prevent infestations. You can contact us anytime, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, to learn more about our services, get free advice and an estimate, and schedule an appointment.

Boron Safety Information

Humans come in contact with the element boron daily. Boron is a widespread mineral throughout nature andis found in natural substances and hundreds of everyday products, including the water we drink, the soil we touch and the food we eat.

Boron and the Environment

From the cotton in your clothes, to the vegetables on your plate, to the grape juice in your cup – all plants need Boron to grow. Boron controls flowering, pollen production, germination and seed and fruit development. It also aids the transmission of sugars from older leaves to new growth areas and root systems. Most fertilizers must contain small amounts of Boron. Without Boron, it would be impossible to grow many crops, especially in regions where natural boron levels are low.

Boron and Your Diet

Every day you routinely absorb small amounts of Boron from your diet, particularly if you eat a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables. Studies show that we consume about one to three milligrams of boron per day through a combination of foods and drinking water. Boron is nutritionally important to maintain optimal human health. Most of us probably ingest a healthy amount of Boron each day as a result as a result of our normal fruit and vegetable intake. Our bodies handle Boron by using what is required for daily health and efficiently removing the rest.

Boron and the Home

You may be amazed to discover the wide range of products that contain Boron in your own home. Boron can be found in roofing materials, wall board, fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Boron helps protect us from the mold, rot, fungi and insects when used as a treatment for construction materials such a wood, plastic, bricks, pipes and wires.

In the kitchen, you’ll find Boron in the ceramic tiles on the floors and in the porcelain enamel used to protect your sinks, refrigerators, pot and pans. Boron is also in Pyrex® cookware, crystal and even in dishwasher detergent. In our bathroom, Boron is in soaps, cold creams, face lotions, makeup, shaving cream, contact lens solutions, hair straighteners, eye drops and denture cleaners.

The cotton in sheets, bed spreads and clothes contain Boron. Synthetic fibers require boron during processing. Boron is also used in clothes detergents, laundry boosters and bleaches. We also rely on Boron to clean our carpets. In the garage, Boron can be found in antifreeze, motor oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid.

Boron is used in pest control products to control termites, fleas, flies, beetles, ants, cockroaches and silverfish. The active ingredient in TAP® Pest Control Insulation is a specially blended form of Boron which has low toxicity and is safe for humans and pets while controlling self-grooming insects such as ants, booklice, cockroaches, crickets, darkling beetles, earwigs, millipedes, silverfish, sow bugs and termites (including Formosan termites). It’s properties and low toxicity are the main reason we chose to use this mineral to make our innovative and environmentally responsible insulation product for the pest control industry.

The items listed here include only a small portion of the many and varied uses of Boron. It would take a library to discuss the multitude of uses of Boron. Boron is used in science, medicine, telecommunications, astronomy, space travel, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, communication satellites and more.

The truth is we would not live without Boron. It exists all around us and every day we touch this very important element – even if we are not aware of it.


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