Pests That Come Out In The Rain

where do ants go when it rains

Fall rains can send pests scampering for shelter, probably even making their way into your home where it’s dry and warm.

Insects and other pests residing outside might suddenly find themselves uprooted and wet when rain showers come down. 

In some cases, the wind and rain can even loosen roof shingles or sidings, damage weatherstripping or caulking, creating gaps where pests can enter your home looking for shelter.

Here are some pests to watch out for:


Ants are famous for invading homes especially after rainfall, particularly when their nests become flooded, forcing them to enter buildings seeking food and water, warmth and shelter, and refuge from the sudden downpour.

When inside, ants will look for sugar, syrup, honey, fruit juice, fats, and meat. 


Cockroaches often nest in and around dark, humid corners such as your basement or dens near drainage pipes and sewers. When the rains flood these areas, you can expect these roaches to swarm out and immediately seek shelter.

Tough and sneaky, cockroaches will prefer to find safety in your bathroom, your kitchen, and other crawl spaces where they can find moisture and roam nearby locations for food.


Remember, pests like roaches or rats don’t need a lot of space to squeeze into your home. You’ll likely find rats making their way into your home through openings in your roof. Rats are especially dangerous not only because they can carry diseases, but also because they can gnaw on furniture or wiring and cause serious damage to property.


Rains this season can also bring out swarms of termites. While they normally come out in the fall, sometimes the stronger rains might shake off some nesting in your roof or attic, especially if you have lots of wood up there.

If your home, in particular, has exposed wood, termites might see that as an invitation to start a new colony without you knowing it.

Yellow Jackets

Storms are particularly bad for yellow jackets, which tend to build their tunnels in hollows in the ground, like a hole in the soil, or a nest under the stairs. So when the rains come, they’re forced to find shelter, usually entering your garage or a shed.

The problem is, yellow jackets can get really territorial and aggressive, causing a problem when you start accidentally scouring around close to their new nests.

This rainy season, before pests even have a chance to invade your home, be proactive and start pest-proofing your property ahead of time. Make a quick inspection around your home and secure possible entry points where you think they might decide to squeeze into. Seal off gaps with caulking and other weather-proofing materials. Watch out for signs of pests that may have moved in, such as ant trails, termite wings, or gnawed furniture.

If you suspect you have an infestation, your first step should always be to call a qualified and licensed pest professional like Budget Pest Control.  They have the tools and know how to properly identify your pest problem and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. They can also recommend DIY steps to prevent future problems. Contact Budget Pest Control today for a free estimate or more details. 412-318-4912







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