Pests That Can Ruin Your Thanksgiving

You’re sure to spend tons of time and effort perfecting your grocery list, decorating your home, and preparing the food. So much time and effort goes into hosting Thanksgiving. If you have pests in your home, however, that’s all anyone will remember. Don’t let pests ruin your Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, the increased amount of food and foot traffic in your home won’t just attract more humans, but pests as well. Budget Pest Control Services has provided a list of a few pests that can ruin your Thanksgiving.

Mice are always searching for food and shelter, especially when the cold weather arrives. Ensure that your house is free of any visible holes or cracks that grant entrance to these animals. Remember, mice only require holes the size of dimes to squeeze through! The scents emitting from your home during this week will attract mice, which is why you should also make sure that you adequately dispose of all food scraps. Use scented garbage bags and place all trash outside in sealed containers.

Bed Bugs
Spending time with those you love is what makes Thanksgiving such a special day. However, if you’re staying over at someone’s house for the holiday, make sure you inspect your room for bed bugs. Check the mattress, bed frame, carpeting, linens, etc., and make sure you place your bag on a desk or nightstand.

Bringing plates of food to and from the kitchen to the dining room will obviously result in a spill or two. Even just a small piece of stuffing in the corner of the kitchen can attract ants. All it takes is for a single ant to discover a food source and from there, the colony will be quickly alerted. To avoid this, make sure your post-meal cleaning is swift and thorough.

When Thanksgiving arrives this week, your only worry should be spending quality time with those you love and not worrying about pests. If you fear your home may have a problem with pests contact Budget Pest Control Services. We are available for any and all questions. We stand beside you before, during, and after the treatment. Contact Budget Pest Control today for a free estimate or more details. 412-318-4912
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