Pest Control Service Continues During COVID-19

Pest Social Distancing

As communities stay inside and, in many cases, at home, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, pests such as rodents, will have less to prevent them from braving out into broad daylight to find water and food sources. If their typical nesting and feeding locations are bare due to closed businesses, there is no doubt that they will resourcefully seek a new location for water, food and shelter. Without proper, ongoing pest control efforts, rodent populations will move from areas where businesses are closed, to areas where food and water are readily available.

At home, homeowners may see pests in new and different places during this period of change. Pests are known to adapt easily to changes in the environment and are already quickly adjusting to our new normal. The tower of cardboard boxes waiting to be safely broken down from increasing home deliveries, as one example, make excellent hiding spots for pests in garages or next to trash cans.

As an essential service, Budget Pest Control will continue to do our part to protect your homes and businesses, from pest-related property threats.

During this time, we know our customers are spending more time at home and that makes keeping a pest-free environment even more important. We can and will continue to provide our exterior treatment services to maintain the protective barrier that keeps pests from entering your home. Spring weather brings an increase in pest activity, so if you feel you need an interior service, let us know. We will proceed as circumstances allow.

We know that maintaining a pest-free environment in your home is more important to your family now than ever before. We are closely following the guidelines from the CDC, as well as local and state health officials.

If you need pest control services during this time, Budget Pest Control is open and uses all of the required safety equipment to keep you safe while getting rid of bugs, rodents and termites.

Contact Budget Pest Control today at 412-318-4912 to determine the extent of the problem and receive a recommendation of an appropriate course of treatment.

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