Mice Infestations Can Happen in the Summer

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Mice come into a house in the summer to find a food and water supply, to gain relief from the heat, and because winter weather may have caused damage to your home that creates cracks and crevices mice can use for easy access to a home’s interior. Mice may already be in your home but come to the lower, cooler levels during summer, so you may see more mice during summer than you do during winter!

As with other animals, rodents like to stay warm and dry when it’s raining outside, so it’s not unusual for mice to burrow into a home during heavy rains. If your local area often has wet summers, you may notice more rodents inside your home during this time, only because those mice are looking for a place to stay dry.

If your home is prone to a rodent infestation, you may spot mice more often in the evening, versus during the middle of the day. This occurrence is because mice are nocturnal creatures and tend to be active at night versus daytime hours. Since mice don’t like bright lights, seeing a mouse during the day, and especially in a room with lots of light, might indicate that your home has a large infestation. 

A pest control expert like Budget Pest Control is the best person to call for determining how and where mice are getting in your house. Look for any cracks you have along the foundation, basement windows, siding, or brick. These openings should be fixed up immediately, to keep out mice as well as to protect your home from water damage, termites, and other risks to your property!

Remember that mice are small, especially when they’re young; if you can slide a finger through the holes that have been drilled into your home, this often indicates those holes are big enough for mice to get through.

It’s often good to have your home treated for a potential pest infestation before you notice any signs of pests in and around the house. A pest control expert like Budget Pest Control can use sprays or other deterrents that will ensure your home isn’t disturbed by termites, roaches, ants, and rodents, which will save you the cost of repairs from the damage done by such pests. 

When you need an exterminator:

  • You see rodent droppings in the kitchen or basement, and if you hear scratching sounds in the kitchen or behind walls, as these sounds typically mean that your house has mice!
  • If your pets suddenly seem to be bothered by something behind the walls, or begin paying attention to specific areas of the home, perhaps sitting and watching those spaces attentively or hissing and barking at them.
  • If your home has been through a flood or has suffered water damage. Even if you have that flooded or damaged area cleaned up somewhat quickly, that standing water may have attracted mice and other such pests, who may now be in your home.

The experts at Budget Pest Control can help. We specialize in preventing pest problems before they begin. To learn more about protecting your home from rats and mice, give our team a call today at 412-318-4912


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