Fall Pests to Watch Out For

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As summer comes to an end, its pests unfortunately don’t go with it. Each season has its own weather patterns, traits, decorations, and traditions, but they also have their own selection of featured pests. Now that fall is here, it’s time to examine your homes and contact your local, professional pest control company like Budget Pest Control Services if you see any of autumn’s pests in or near your home.


Rats and mice are the first pests to look out far as the cold weather sets in. They carry numerous diseases and illnesses and are attracted to open food containers, dark and cluttered spaces and the warmth of your home. Be sure to check your home for droppings and gnaw marks, especially in and around pantries, closets, attics, and walls. If you spot any of these signs or the rodent itself, call Budget Pest Control Services as soon as possible.


Flies, bees, wasps, and yellow jackets also move indoors for the fall and winter months. Flies gather in the south and west walls of your home for warmth, since these areas are exposed to more sunlight in these seasons. The stinging insects move indoors in places like attics and garages for warmth. If you find a nest or think you may have an infestation in your home, take caution. Stinging insects become hostile, and it is best to call your pest control specialist immediately if you suspect any of these uninvited guests.


Ants do not go away in any season. They’re always around, so continue to sweep your floors regularly and put away food properly to avoid these invading insects. Ants seek warmth just like every other critter mentioned above. They may even build colonies inside the walls of your house. Be aware of entryways and small openings and cracks in the walls or floor of your home and seal them to help prevent ants from getting in.


Also, like ants, roaches can be prevented with proper care and maintenance of your home. Sealing small cracks, monitoring entry ways, and general cleanliness will keep out most pests. Roaches in particular are drawn to damp areas of your home. Examine your basements and bathrooms and take special care of these areas to avoid an infestation. If you do find a roach, contact Budget Pest Control Services to get rid of these pesky bugs once and for all.


Stink bugs, lady bugs, and box elders are fall’s new highlighted pests. Once these bugs are in, especially stink bugs, they are nearly impossible to get out. They gather between the walls of your home for warmth in the cold months, and when spring comes around, you will see them flying around your home as they react to the change in temperature. Spring and Summer also will start their reproduction season, so there will be new baby beetles ready in a continuous cycle, that is until you call your pest control specialist, who at this point, is your only hope. Talk to your local pest control specialist now to discuss prevention before these bugs settle in. If you find any of these pests mentioned above, make sure to contact Budget Pest Control Services Inc to inspect and treat the problem. Call 412-318-4912 for a FREE estimate. https://budgetpestcontrolpgh.com/

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