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A Real Filthy Creature. Big, fast, gross and scary would be the best words to describe this insect. The Oriental roach, called “waterbugs” here in Pittsburgh, is also reclusive. These guys like to hang out in damp & cold areas. In addition to these cold areas, we’re happy to let you know that this variety of roach is a fan of traveling through sewage pipes, where it comfortably feeds on its favorite food, organic waste.

Why do I have them? Waterbugs will typically enter a home from an exterior source, whether it is a crack in the foundation or up through pipework in your home. Once inside, the roach will find a comfortable spot close to food and water and begin to lay out a new life in your humble abode. They’re fans of hiding away in the dank plumbing of your home, waiting to catch either what’s gone down the garbage disposal or the ol’ toilet pipe. Gross, right?

How can I help to keep this from happening? Waterbug control is a special case, being that they can get in to a residence in so many different ways. Keeping homes free of rubbish on the outside as well as cleaning pipework out on a regular basis is known to be a very important factor, as is ensuring that water isn’t pooling up anywhere in your home. Another preventative tip would be to install wire mesh over any drainage outlets in areas of the home that may allow the roaches to enter, fence them out like bad neighbors!

How do I get rid of them? Due to their reclusive lifestyle, roaches in general are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional help, so call us. We here at Budget Pest Control, Inc. can save you a major headache as well as relieve a dent in your wallet from money spent on ineffective store-bought items. Our pet and family safe waterbug control treatment will solve the problem within and help prevent future issues from popping up.

Give us a call! After a chat with one of our friendly informative office personnel you will be presented with an estimate, information and if you wish speedy waterbug control service available 7 days a week.

Living with these roaches on steroids does not have to be your way of life and here at Budget Pest Control; we can and will get your life back to normal.


Oriental cockroaches, or more commonly known our area as “waterbugs”, are oblong insects, generally ranging from 1 to 1 ¼ inches in length. They are typically deep brown or black in color, with a significant luster to their exoskeletons. Oriental cockroaches also have small, unusable wings that cover their back, those of which will appear smaller on the female roaches.

Did You Know?
  • The Oriental cockroach is not actually believed to originate from the Orient, but rather from either Africa or southern Russia.
  • An Oriental cockroach’s lifespan is typically around 1 to 1.5 years, meaning they stick around quite a bit longer than their German counterparts who only live 6-9 months on average.
  • Roaches will use their butts to sense danger. They have a pair of cersus on their rear end that can detect unknown vibrations, alerting them to possible predators or threats.
Myths & Facts

MYTH: Stepping on a mother roach will mean her eggs hatch right away and continue to grow.
FACT: Most often, when an adult roach is stepped on, it does not prompt the eggs to hatch immediately, what tends to happen is killing the mother releases its grip on the ootheca, or egg sac, which can still incubate and hatch live young if it is in the right conditions.

MYTH: Having Oriental roaches in a home means that it is unclean in some manner.
FACT: While this may be a factor of infestation, most issues with Oriental cockroaches originate from either a sewage vent in close proximity to a home or a cellar drain that is connected to a major sewer vein. Due to their nature, these roaches prefer dark, wet areas that stay at a relatively constant temperature, and when sewers back up, they’ll travel from their homes to new areas connected in this manner.

Signs of An Infestation
  • The presence of mess or leavings from these roaches will be a sign of infestation. Their fecal matter will resemble peppering of low-elevation areas in a home, usually close to a source of moisture and heat.
  • Of course, another sign of infestation will be the visual presence of the insects.
  • Flooding in homes is how these insects are most commonly found. Other factors of infestation can be long periods of drought in which they enter a home from outside in search of water, in packaging bought from an infested store, or through waste disposal containers that have retained or collected moisture in a home.
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