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More common than you think! Powderpost beetles are small brown colored beetles that are a pest because of their tendency to bore into wood and can cause damage to wooden household items. The beetle is characterized by several small holes in a wooden surface with fine sawdust like powder around or underneath these holes. Powderpost beetles are more prone to infest dry hardwoods. They seem to have a particular affinity towards Oak.

Why are they a pest? Adult powderpost beetles are not the ones that you have to worry about. It is their larvae that cause the damage to wood. The adult female lays its eggs into unfinished wood products and leaves. The eggs then hatch into larvae that stay in the wood until they reach their adult stage. The larvae are the life stage of the beetle that deposits the sawdust like material. Eventually, the larvae from the beetle emerge from the wood and leave the tiny holes that are characteristic of a powderpost beetle infestation.

How can you control Powderpost Beetles? Here at Budget Pest Control we use a combination of penetrating surface treatments and fogging. The surface treatment takes care of newly hatched larvae that are close to the surface of the wooden object. In addition, we use a fogging process that penetrates deeper into the wood and gets the more mature larvae.

Need some help? Give us a call and have a chat with one of our friendly office personal. Our trucks and our experienced technicians are ready with the latest in equipment and products designed to take care of these tiny wood invaders. Also, warranties, in writing will be provided to you so you can relax while we are there and more importantly, after we are gone.


Powder post beetles are small brown wood boring insects that are about ¼ of an inch long. These insects lay their eggs in untreated wood and become a problem when that wood enters the home. Droves of powder post beetles have been known to completely ruin wooden furniture such as chairs, tables and bars. The adult beetles are less of a problem then the larvae, which eat away at the wood of the furniture, then drill small holes to the surface to emerge as fully grown adult beetles.

Did You Know?
  • Beetles lay their eggs on the surface of untreated wood, then the larvae eat their way down into the wood.
  • Old furniture and wood are more susceptible to powder post beetles because of the dry state of the wood.
  • New beetles usually emerge from the wood between May and August.
Myths & Facts
  • Myth: Powder Post Beetles can cause significant structural damage to a home.
    Fact: Although they can cause severe damage to furniture, powder post beetles can never infest the treated wood used to build homes.
  • Myth: Powder Post Beetles prefer wood with high moisture content.
    Fact: Powder Post Beetles actually prefer wood that is dry and hard to infest.
Signs of An Infestation
  • Powder post beetle infestations are characterized by the small holes left in the wood when the adult beetles emerge. These holes are often very small in diameter and have a flour like substance surrounding or underneath them called frass.
  • The sight of the adult beetles is rare, but the signs above are tell-tale signs of powder post beetles.
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