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Nope, they don’t crawl into your ears while you are sleeping! But these big, scary bugs do crawl into home while you are working. And those creepy looking pinchers are enough to make even tough guys call for help!

Why do I have them? Earwigs are omnivores, feeding on small insects and some plants. They will, in some cases, eat decaying matter as well. Favorite snacks of theirs include; plant lice, bluebottle flies, lettuce, cauliflower, strawberries, blackberries, celeries, peaches, potatoes and certain flowers like sunflowers and dahlias. Earwigs are also fans of cool, dark places, like cracks in pavement and by exterior furniture.

What can I do to help the situation? Unfortunately, nature will be nature on the outside of your home, meaning that if they’re in the garden, yard and mulch beds recommendations may be made by our technicians for ways to minimize problems down the line. On the interior of the home however, they will gravitate towards moisture, so keeping the relative humidity minimal in one’s home is helpful to creating an uncomfortable environment for these often misunderstood pests.

How do I get rid of them? Call Budget Pest Control. We have family and pet-friendly solutions which will knock down the earwig population outside and eliminate the intruders inside. The Earwig Control is a long lasting weather proof treatment on your exterior foundation and onto all probable nesting and breeding sites. Our experienced, knowledgeable technicians know these insect habits like no other! Additional no odor Earwig Control treatments on the inside take care of uninvited guest already in and complete the warranted service.

Call Budget Pest Control 24/7 Our friendly informative office staff will answer all your questions about our Earwig Control and provide you with an estimate and a plan to rid your home of these creepy looking intruders. And if you wish, our certified field technicians available 7 days a week can be out there in a jiffy!


Most earwigs are 5/8 of an inch long and have a brown to dark yellow coloration. They are known by their distinctive pincers on the end of their abdomen. You can usually see earwigs in damp environments under dead leaves and other cover they can use to hide.

Did You Know?
  • Earwigs are omnivores and feed on anything from flowers to other insects.
  • The name earwig is derived from the old English words “eare” (ear) and “wicga” (Insect)
  • The pincers on female earwigs are generally straighter than the calipered pincers on the male earwig
Myths & Facts

Myth: Earwigs burrow inside of people’s ears to feed on brains.
Fact: Earwigs do not actively seek to enter people’s ears. However, they can enter the ear canal accidently.

Myth: Earwigs are harmful to humans.
Fact: Earwigs may attempt to use their pincers when being handled but are generally regarded as harmless to humans.

Signs of An Infestation
  • Insects within the home are a good indicator that you have an earwig infestation.
  • A surplus of damp or wet areas in homes can lead to an earwig problem.
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