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The Rodney Dangerfield of the pest world. Although they get little respect, you may have stumbled across a carpet beetle once or twice in your life. While not uncommon, the carpet beetle is often found in homes by accident. These pesky little guys like to hitchhike into your home and once they’re in, they’ll shack up in your favorite carpet, clothing, furs, heck, pretty much anything that contains high amounts of protein are on the top of their lists. The biggest indicators of an infestation most people find are either the shed casings their larva leave on top of your belongings or, on rarer occasions, due to their bites, which people can mistake for a possible bedbug bite.

Why do I have them? As stated before, carpet beetles & their larva are huge fans of proteins, so if you’ve recently done a thrift store run or finally purchased that lovely Persian rug from the antique store, there’s a chance it could be teeming with these insects. They’ll enter a home on belongings, lay their eggs in lint around your baseboards, the furnace vents, old sweaters, you name it! The adult beetles are also attracted to light, so if you’ve recently found a smattering of small black or brown insects by a windowsill, you may have a carpet beetle infestation.

What can I do to help? Depending on the degree of infestation, you may not even need to do anything. In homes that are heavily infested with carpet beetles, it is recommended that the source of the bugs be eliminated with our Carpet Beetle Control (if it is known.) The best preventative measure would be to inspect old textiles, furs or organic materials for possible bugs before bringing them home!

What can I do to rid myself of these insects? Call Budget Pest Control, Inc. for more information about our Carpet Beetle Control.  We offer safe and effective treatments for your home that will eliminate any hiding places that may harbor these nasty little buggers! If fact, we have the latest in equipment and products designed to get your life back to normal. Give us a call! After a chat with one of our friendly knowledgeable office personnel, we will get together a plan of action along with an estimate and if you wish have one of our experienced, certified Technicians out there in a jiffy 7 days a week!


The varied carpet beetles, which are more common in our area, are 3 mm in length and exhibit white, yellow, and black scales. The larvae are 4 mm in length and cream colored with golden hairs.

Did You Know?
  • Most carpet beetles can fly and are good candidates to infest homes from spring through the early fall.
  • Adult carpet beetles usually lay their eggs in air ducts, in closets, under furniture, or under baseboards. Once hatched, the larvae are responsible for the damage of various items, like furniture, clothing, blankets, furs, and carpets.
  • Most infestations are brought into residences through contaminated foodstuffs.
  • Some people may find that shed hairs from the larvae cause irritated itchy welts that may be confused with bedbug bites.
Myths of Carpet Beetles

Myth #1:  The majority of homes have carpet beetles?  The answer to this is true, most homes have to some degree an infestation, even yours.  

Myth #2: Carpet Beetles can feed on you?  The answer is true, although they do not bite you, they can feed off of you. 

Signs of Infestation for Carpet Beetles
  1. Damage to woolen rugs or wool clothing.
  2. Hair debris from furs or taxidermy animals.
  3. Dead beetles laying on windowsills.
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