Cockroaches During The Winter

Keep Roaches Out This Winter

Cockroaches are one of the world’s most common household pests and they can be especially bothersome in winter. Roaches can’t survive the freezing conditions of winter and will often come indoors to escape the bitter outdoors. These filthy pests carry all sorts of harmful viruses and can contaminate food. Getting rid of them should be your top priority.

If you find evidence of cockroaches in your home, you can try the following to exterminate them:

  • Set up traps and baits. Sticky traps not only kill roaches, but can also help to identify nesting sites. Poison baits are also effective for killing large numbers of cockroaches.
  • Clean your house thoroughly. If you discover roaches at home, the first thing you should do is to clean the area completely. Cockroaches are often found in the kitchen where there is an abundance of food and water, so pay extra attention to the spaces beneath and behind appliances.
  • Attack them with bug spray. Once you’ve found where your cockroaches are nesting, you can kill a large number of them using an insecticide bug spray. These usually kill the insects on contact.
  • Dry out damp sites. Cockroaches need a continuous water supply to survive, so drying out wet spots around your house is a great way to prevent them. Check for leaking AC units, dripping faucets, and blocked drains to identify possible wet sites in your home.
  • Store food properly. Food waste can attract tons of cockroaches into your home, so keeping your kitchen clean can help to keep them away. Clear up food spills and wash dishes promptly and store food waste in sealed containers. Empty your kitchen trash regularly and keep outdoor garbage cans closed at all times.

At Budget Pest Control, we employ safe and effective state of the art cockroach control treatments for these roaches with the use of non-invasive products. Our cockroach control products are effective at eliminating roaches in all stages of life; whereas most store bought “bombs” are only useful on adults (the eggs and nymphs will remain and continue to grow) So save your money and give us a call today at 412-318-4912 for a FREE estimate.





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