Christmas Tree Pests

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Every year homeowners bring beautiful Christmas trees into their homes to brighten up the season however because of the warm weather homeowners could be bringing something in with the Christmas tree; hidden insects! Christmas trees smell great and are the perfect holiday decorations. Unfortunately, entomologists found that a single tree can contain up to 25,000 insects at a time! No one wants to deal with a pest infestation in their homes, especially during the holidays. To learn how to prevent Christmas tree insects in your home this holiday season, follow these tips from Budget Pest Control Services

Inspect before buying
Before choosing a tree, inspect it for irregularities, spots, damaged branches or trunk, or signs of pests.

Shake it out!
On your own or with the assistance of an attendant, vigorously shake out the tree before bringing it home with you.

Leave the tree in the garage.
Store the Christmas tree in your garage or a covered area for a few days to settle.

Use a vacuum to clean up.
Regularly inspect your tree, vacuum up falling needles, and, if necessary, vacuum up any pests.

Most Common Christmas Tree Insects
Whether you choose a Douglas fir, spruce tree, balsam fir, or white pine, there are several common Christmas tree pests to be aware of. Perhaps the most common Christmas tree pest is the aphid, which is a tiny bug often found on the lower branches of trees. Aphids are common in balsam firs and spruce trees, and leave a dark stain when crushed.
Some other typical Christmas tree insects are spiders, mites, bark beetles, sawflies, moths, and even praying mantises. Although most of these insects are harmless, they can cause a lot of frustration for any homeowner.

If you bring home a Christmas tree and find that it’s seriously infested with insects, it’s recommended to get a new one or replace it. It’s important to not spray any pesticides on your tree because aerosols are flammable, which may interfere with the lights and decorations.

Other Decorations
Pest issues that happen in artificial trees can also be seen in other decorations. Boxes that sit in the closet for months, especially those made of cardboard, attract roaches and other bugs. Rodents like to chew on strings like those that store Christmas lights, so make sure to look out for chew marks. Most pests like to live and hide in dark areas, like the place you are most likely keeping your decorations for most of the year.

After the Holidays
When you are ready to take down your tree, make sure to dispose of or store it properly. After removing the decorations, you can put a real tree on the curb for pick-up. Once it is out of the house, thoroughly clean the area where it was, making sure to vacuum, sweep and/or mop the area and collect all stray needles. Allow the Christmas tree stand to dry completely before putting it away.

If pests are getting in your way, Budget Pest Control Services can help. Contact us today for a free estimate or more details.
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