Pests That Come Out In The Rain

where do ants go when it rains

Fall rains can send pests scampering for shelter, probably even making their way into your home where it’s dry and warm. Insects and other pests residing outside might suddenly find themselves uprooted and wet when rain showers come down.  In some cases, the wind and rain can even loosen roof shingles or sidings, damage weatherstripping […]

What Kind Of Pests Should You Look Out For This Fall?

pests in leaves 01

When fall comes around, various pests are already preparing for the winter by investigating viable places to stay for warmth, shelter, and food. Securing your home against unwanted invasions of bugs, rodents, and other critters should be one of your main considerations this season.  Ants  While ants aren’t particularly harmful or aggressive, they are incredibly […]

Follow These Steps From Budget Pest Control Services To Keep Rodents Out of Your Yard and House


One of the most upsetting things that can happen to a homeowner is finding a rodent in the house. Rodents are not only a nuisance, but they can also be carriers of disease. Because of this, it is very important to take action to remove the rodent and make sure that no more rodents enter […]